Hally & Son the real flavour of 60’/70’.


The brand unmistakable timeless style shows on the market (October 2015) the new collection dedicated to the Carnaby Street style developed in London between the 60 'and 70'.

The creative concept behind this project consists on the restyling of some iconic and historic models belonging to the family Hally & Son which are interpreted in their colors. Our designers were inspired to this period, so colorful and revolutionary. For the first time an eyewear collection that wants to revive the aspects and colors belonging to this specific subculture, developed on the jazz cafè and R & B of the east of London, where all the young people met to socialize and listen music.

In the mid 60 'Swinging London’ becomes an explosion of color, where the pop art merges with fashion to create the fashionable effect named Carnaby Street, remembered for clothes and socks colorful, fluorescent plastic collars, caps fuchsia pink, dresses triangle with psychedelic patterns, polka dots and red.

The collection consists in 12 models, 6 eyewear 6 sunglasses, offered in different colors. The shapes of glasses identified and developed for the project Carnaby Street are:

HS500 - HS503 - HS527 - HS538 - HS578 - HS580.