Corno 1

The Water Buffalo Horn is a natural material, exceptionally gentle when in contact with skin. Each Hally & Son Real Horn is unique in its processing and manufacturing, each one slightly different from the next. A beautiful accessory, characterised by the high aesthetic content and design.

Corno 2

The Water Buffalo Horn is available in six colours.

The varying colours of the Hally & Son Real Horn depends essentially on two main facts: the specific typology of the horn used and its dimension during the cut processing.

The craftsmanship of this product allows a precise cutting section which, when targeted on specific sections of the Horn Water Buffalo, creates bichromatic or trichromatic effects on our eyewear.

The Real Horn frame is a natural material which allows a natural and progressive adaptation of the glasses to the face, especially at the points of contact with the wearers skin.

Corno 3

The glasses are not only characterised by pure aesthetics, but also by functional and tangible benefits. It is hypoallergenic and lightweight, thereby increasing comfort for the consumer.



Acetato 1

Eyewear made from the cellulose acetate, a very valuable plastic material partially of natural origin.

It belongs to the family of cellulosic resins and is made by chemical modification of a natural polymer: the cellulose.

To find the true value of this king of materials we have to analyse its physical and technical properties.

The main features of the acetate are the brilliant colour and its transparency. We have made it possible to obtain an aesthetic effect with this acetate very similar to the Real Horn.

Acetato 4

The acetate is expertly used by our artisans in combination with other materials, such as metal and titanium.

Metallo 3



The wide variety of metals used by our craftsmen allows us to create the Hally & Son Metal family; very thin and light, designed for a classic-minimal style.

Metallo 1

In many models, the metal is accompanied by the use of acetate. Neutral tones or antique effects are usually chosen for the creations.

Eyewear combining technical expertise with style to create timeless, iconic shapes.

Some models are created with specific focus on details like the bridge.

Metallo 2

Classic eye shapes; rectangular, round and oval, some are coated with coloured sheaths.

The individuality of the Metal family from Hally & Son is the usage of crystal wings, considered a plus because they are hypoallergenic, comfortable and lightweight.

Metallo 5




From the vision of Mr. Hally in '50s to todays’ innovative designs, the passage is really short. The Hally & Son Titanium Core family is launched; a specific brand line comprising new frames, precious, comfortable and extremely durable, thanks to the titanium soul.

Titanium 2

This specific material, inserted in the temples, allows a extraordinary lightness and high mechanical performance.

Thus the eyewear Hally & Son becomes ultra-thin.

The cellulose acetate frames, made using a patented process, and the extreme lightness of the titanium, allow the creation of glasses featuring of refinement and sublime aesthetic.

Titanium 3

Retro-looking models, born from a continuing focus on innovation of product and process.

These innovations are able to make possible the creation of forms and slim profiles for a timeless elegance, in which the soul of titanium is made visible by the play of transparency created by the usage of acetate.