Special edition

Hally & Son celebrated its first year offering a new capsule collection.


To celebrate the first year after the launch of the brand in the optics market, the company presented at MIDO 2014 the Collector's Edition, designed for a stylish target and offered in limited edition. This collection aims to celebrate those fragments of past history which allowed to recreate the myth of Hally & Son.

The goal was to represent, through the product, the signs of the past to express the bond that these glasses have with it. The will of the Hally & Son designers has been to create a product that had the appearance of a semi-finished glasses, worked and polished by hand. From these concepts comes out the capsule collection in six frames, expertly realized by our craftsmen.

The eyewear presents a denim effect very similar to what is used for the jeans in the fashion industry. An effect that is repeated in a different way from frame to frame, making each pair of glasses unrepeatable and unique. For the first time in the optical world, it's presented a denim eyewear, a great experiment that highlights the passion, skill and genius of our artisans.

In order to fully live the Hally & Son dream was thought a special box containing the glasses, the vintage leather hard case and lanyard to be applied to the terminals. Everything under the original brand Hally & Son in the 50s version.

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